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Digital Knowledge Agency… What is that?

Well, we provide a multitude of services in the disciplines of
digital marketing & business development.

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About Us

Christopher Milas

Founder | Lead Knowledge Clerk

Chris’s years of experience in building both physical & web-based businesses as well as consulting for some of the largest companies in the world, bring a unique and distinguished thought process and advantage of our services offerings.

Digital Services

Contact Development & Lead Generation

Great, you’ve launched your company, but now what? Well, once you identify your target market, you need to reach your target contacts to let them know! But how?

By working with ThunkTank, of course! We have access to the contacts you desire at the companies you are trying to sell into. But, as you know – its not all about just having the contact, its also about the approach taken to get them to listen to your pitch. We’ve perfected that pitch for a number of companies and have a working and scalable process waiting for you.

Attain Contacts & Convert Them

Social Advocacy & Strategy

We’ve heard this countless times… Our employees are roguely posting all different types of content on social, but how does it help our brand? How do we track ROI from social? How can we best empower our employees to be social brand advocates while rewarding them?

All of these questions, and more, are answered by implementing a Social Advocacy Platform paired with a sturdy social strategy.

Start Empowering Your Employees

Digital Closed-Loop Tracking

So you’ve set up your website, some landing pages and are getting leads, right?

Can you honestly tell yourself that you know EXACTLY the first, second, third, tenth channels that send you the traffic and what content is converting your contacts into leads? Probably not.

Get Analytic Truth

Digital Paid Advertising

So you’re running some ads, but not having much success? Or, you haven’t ran any and don’t know where to begin?

Don’t fret – we will help! We’ve saved companies who are running paid ads millions of dollars in under an hour and created full advertising plans that took several weeks to create content & offers for that will span over a number of years.

Start Getting More Customers

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“Chris had our employee advocacy social media program up and running in less than two weeks. We’re thrilled that our pilot program is showing immediate results!”


- Lynn Ledwith, SVP Global Marketing, Worldwide Clinical Trials